At one of the beaches with Benita. As usual, she's very serious about life...
Looking the other way up the beach, with moi, tres glam, in the foreground. This is a wicked-beautiful beach!
Same views without either Benita or me in the shots.   :-)
At a beach close to Benita's where the fishermen are. Even the garbage is picturesque!
This was a while after the sun came up and the heat was strong (for a winter-time snow-bound Canuck, at least...) already. These are fishermen's boats and schtuff.
A mosque. So many mosques, so much variety and beauty in them! When one makes a wodge o' money, one way to give back to the community is to build a mosque, hence there are quite a few mosques around, all put to use. The call to prayer sounds eerily beautiful in the early morning, particularly.
A wee gabezo at the fisherman's beach area.
Two women had walked up the beach ahead of me and were sitting in the shade talking, reading papers, and buzzing on their phones. I really wanted to go over and take a close photo but decided to sneak one instead, and go on my way.
Decorative truck that, if it were in India, would have fresh flowers rather than the fake-a-roo ones in the window.
Bougainvillea shrubs were in full bloom all over the place!
Apple shisha pipe at a restaurant. Joey was partaking of the tobacco and apple. It smelled lovely, but made the lad cough. And cough some more. Someone had one in the desert at night, which also smelled nice!
Joey, working on the pipe.
Benita and Lovleen. B's drink is avocado, milk and honey. So, so, sooooo good!
Nearing sunset, we took a drive up the coast and stopped at this lookout point. The hills are stark and gorgeous; the camera doesn't give justice to the beauty.
Down the edge and into the valley below, is a good several hunred foot drop. It's super steep, although the photo doesn't provide much depth or scope. Drats!
Same site, but looking at the water. Beeeautiful!
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