View out the front nook at Benita's. Yes, that's a large kefir lime tree outside!
The large tree behind the fence is the lime tree!!!
And some fresh limes. Amazing!
Benita has gigantic aloe veras, too. This one's in the ground outside the gate.
Wandering around (sorry, it's out of focus. I had to reach way up to get this one), I noticed what looked like milk weed. But the flowers have no fragrance, like here.
Stretching taller, I noticed a butterfly catepillar eating the leaves! So, it is a desert version of milkweed. :-) So says the botanist...

Benita's place. It's so beautiful! All shining and spacious, with gorgeous arches and the light-shadow play.

This is looking the other way from where the very first photo at the top, was taken. It's through the living room and part of the dining room.

This is the view from the living room, through the dining room and toward the bedrooms. One of the bathrooms and the kitchen, are on the left. Behind the wall is a wee sitting area where the kittehs hang out when they're lazy-cats.

The orange kitteh is "Chairman Meow" (Joey named them) and the gray boy is "Meowmar Gadhafi," although he's called Omar on a day-to-day basis. Both these li'l dickens laze about all day, then go WILD at night time! I learned to close my door, otherwise it was a race track onto my bed and in and out the window. Hilarious wee creatures!

They have beatiful markings and are slight. Perfect kittehs, to my eye. :-)

Omar on my bed, where he stayed like this for ages!
Chairman, also relaxing. Yes, it's morning, so they're dozing.

Back to the tour... the view from the laundry room down the hall. I just LOVE the arches and the play of light and shadow! Waaaaay at the very far end is the nook from the first photo.

Imagine how fast they chase little kitteh-toys down this hallway!

Just before sunrise, from the roof-top patio area. Just before sunrise is the coolest time o' day to be up there!
Villa across the street.
The stairwell and part of Benita's, in the early morning light. So lovely!
Moments before the sun peaked over the hills.
Youngsters waiting for the school bus. Moments later, there were ten kids, but the bus pulled up and obscured them.
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