Nassau: trip for Rob's Award of Excellence --- Nov. 2011
Here's our accommodations... From the outside.
And the inside
Looking from the door to the room. Bathroom is to the left
Uhm, the complimentary bar and fridge, below, also full of juices, beer, champagne, wine, etc.
Too bad we're tea-totalers... ;-p
Every day, a new design on the bed, with a fresh towel and faux rose petals.
Cement pad outside our patio, with local leaf imprint and conch shells cross sections
View from our patio
Breakfast place. Outdoor was way warmer than indoors!
This would be about the only place where Wi-Fi worked, for guys to check email and or NASCAR results...
Looking the other way at breakfast
Another of the vistas to the water. It was pretty windy for all but the last day.
Uhm, what part of swim-up bars makes sense? Hot sun, too much bubbly, seats at the bar..... and splash! Over backwards.
The private island off our shore, which Sandals also has property and buildings etc. on. Ferries (two 225 HP boats that seat +/- 45 people) run through the day until late afternoon. At high season, it's 24-hours a day.
Detail from a lamp post
Roped off area is for swimmers. Water's really warm and no current at all, where this area was. We just bobbed about, not moving other than up n' down in the incoming waves.
Ferry dock
Great shady spots for relaxin' and listening/reading on a guy's iPad
Saturday: Award night  
Pre-ceremony cocktail pahtay
Little orchids in water, with candles on top, for centerpieces
AC ice-sculputre melting fast!
The grand ballroom, full o' people, with a band, later.
Each recipient had comments from their co-workers on large screens. As well, the MCs added more commentary. I didn't think to take a video to listen to it all. It went pretty fast!
Rob receiving his award...
...which is super-cool! At our table, was the actual designer of the awards! She, with great surprise, also received an Award of Excellence, this year! There were wonderful stories of how the recipients were informed of their awards.
Rob and Rick
A li'l table of awards, with the Flight Ops guys' ones grouped as though ready to take off. The awards are crystal and actual aluminum used in the aircraft. Really heavy, and a terrific design!
Flight Ops guys
Sunday night: Pirates of the Caribbean Party  
Waiting to be ferried to the island; Martha & Will, Greg & Julie. Great costumes!
Dominic was, like us, without costume. He really didn't want a costume, however, he received a moustache of eye pencil. Hah!
Rob (and Will King) also received a moustache. I received a "mole" on my face
Arrrrrrgh. We heard "Arrrgh" many times...
Brian... Okay, some people looked the part just a wee bit too closely!!! Brian removed his dental bridge for the event. :-)
Bob and Barb Moore Bunny, from Winnipeg days (another pilot recipient). It was a blast hanging with these two---lots o' breakfasts n' dinners
Dominic and Vickie, from Montreal. Dominic is soooooo hilarious! I'd say they'd also win an award for "Most Beautiful Couple." Dominic is another pilot award recipient.
Don't know who this guy is, but yikes! Another costume that's spooky-close... Well, if he ditched the camera...
Rob and Greg (another pilot recipient)
Bob & Barb Moore Bunny; Glen and Debbie Day
Rick Allen, another hilarious Flight Ops guy.

Just for flavour of the island scene. Bob asked the staff how many times they'd had a pirate party on the island. Never! He asked how many parties they had on the island, period. Only one other!

The staff had pirate t-shirts that they'd made specially for this occasion!

Yeah. There were three of us with birthdays, that were called up. I wasn't going to go, but then they got my name right. Anywhoooosh, the b-day song was on key and the cake, good! ;-)
Mole on my face is fading... The lights in the background are where the resort is.
Huge rum cake! The food was really good at all the places we ate and at the various official functions.
Lady who did the moustaches (she is a recipient) , in the water taking photos of stingrays. This is right at the beach where the party is going on.
Baccarrat, where we went for dinner the last evening. Kinda swooshy place. We sat in one of the wee window tables and enjoyed the meal. Seafood... Mmmm!
Will and Martha King (next to Rob). Will is a pilot-recipient and our b-days are on the same day. So, we went out to dinner; the hostess sang the most amazing version of Happy Birthday! It was goosebump material!
Took a trip into Nassau, with the obligatory stroll into the Straw Market (a tourist trap area close to where cruise ships disgorge thousands of people...). I had purchased a kinda-sorta hat (actually, an enormous straw visor) which Rob said was rather "Richmond-ish..." Haha.
Gecko! Lots and lots o' geckos! This one is blending into the tree. In their non-blended state, they're dark brown with a tiny white stripe on their back and tail.
Yikes! This bird not only hunts, but *catches* geckos! Saw it catch and eat one!

Not sure what kind of bird it is. I searched online but couldn't find it...

And this is the end of the photos.