Took SO many pictures of the hills out our window! Here's a few of our due-west view.

The ski jump is just visible to the left of the tower. I didn't make it up into the hills. Just not enough time!

A clear-ish day.

Sneaking a peek to the north, late afternoon.

Early morning light on a clear day. Due to great a transit system, there were almost no cars on the roads, even during what should be rush hour.

Bright noon time.
Cars n' subways

The subway runs on rubber wheels, so it's relatively quiet. Super efficient system! The doors open between all the cars so you could walk from one end to the other.

A typical-sized vehicle. So cute!

Large car for Sapporo.

Big delivery van! Regular transport trucks (aka 18-wheelers) look like houses!

The car on the right is a Prius, which is quite small, here in Canada. Look how larg it looks next to the grooviest wee van in the world!

Rob, just before dark, by a typical-sized Mitsubishi truck. D'ya think he'd fit in there?!   :-)
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