Sapporo street and park stuff

My trusty steed! Had an attached lock, handy basket on the front and really narrow handlebars! Reminded me of the old-style mountain bike bars. And then when in traffic, the narrow bars were suddenly quite handy, so as not to hook other people, cycle or pedestrians. :-)

This was one of my fave "fountains." A very shallow, huge circle with a bubbler that spilled tons of water out. It was so mesmerizing!

Loved the metal work all through the city.

The "bubbler" is just in front of the wee, very cute girl, wading in the water. It was a hot day and would've felt great to kick off the shoes and go wading!

I went back later to see where/how the water came out. At dusk all the water fountains are shut down for maintenance, I suppose, as well as to preserve energy. Lots of energy conservation in Sapporo.

This looked like a Halloween broom to me, but this ancient-style broom is what the guys used for cleaning up leaves and sweeping the park areas. Seemed to work very well, too.

Another fountain. This one was also really large. Loved the play of light and it sounded great, too.

Another really cool tiny fountain (one of several in a small area). The wind was blowing hard and I so wanted a photo of the water like this. Haha! Took a while to get a shot that wasn't distorted by the wind.

Polished, stone seats for folks to sit and enjoy the fountain that's pictured directly above this shot.

This is a sculpture meant to be climbed up and slid down. It's quite tall! I climbed in through the back then decided not to slide down. Looked like fun, but a bit of a muddy landing, and me, in girlie shoes. Hahaha!

Another really cool sculpture, very large, for people to climb to the top of and slide down. Good for winter or summer! I was standing on the top of the black spiral for this shot. Rob had given up waiting and was a block away.

Loved this working phone booth!

And across from the park ("Odori Koen") was one of many, many Lawson stores. Kind of a convenience store. Showed one fellow my driver's license with my name on it, and got a chuckle out of him. Of course, he was probably being polite and thinking I was a nutbar foreigner...

Another walk, another Lawson. Haha! This one was "postal" and somehow, struck me as being quite amusing.

Yup, "Going postal at Lawson" --- that'd be moi. :-)

Bikes, after a high wind stormed through. I'd hate to have a bike in the middle of a row of downed bikes.

I couldn't figure out the meaning of the pink wabbits, then saw some green "toys" on a different street (no camera at that moment). Haha! Lots of cartoony stuff in Japan.
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