Miscellaneous shots

Another day of crazy-curly hair; the photo doesn't really show the wildness of it! Didn't dare run my hands through it to break up the curls --- it was scary enough as it was.

The professor, examing the bamboo. We were by some really biggun's, but it was too dark by then, and the b.u.g.s. were coming out.

The last night, in Narita, just as darkness settled, and me, doing my best Imelda or Bride of Frankenstein look. Haha! We were right by a huge bamboo grove. This was a little guy. Shortly after this, the mosquitoes came out and we decided the best place to be was inside. No foreign mozzie bites, thanks!

Outside the courtyard of a lovely house.

Same house, different angle, just to show Kim that trees are clipped n' blow-dried in Japan, too. ;-p

This looked like a eucalyptus bark, but was a maple tree.

Same tree as above.

Same tree, again. Right outside the hotel. Fascinating. Loved it!

Large hibiscus blossom out in the country.

See? It was BIG! That's my hand, which can span eight inches, if I really stretch.The bloom was at least 10 inches across!
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