Maintenance covers

The white paint is for the sidewalk. Had to wait a couple lights' worth of traffic to dash out and get a clear photo. Loved the designs! this one is salmon, and in the center, the Old Clock Tower, one of the oldest buildings in Sapporo.

This represents the radio tower at the east end of Odori Koen (Park), as well as the trees and garden beds/flowers in the 1.5 kilometre green space. The dancers? I'm not sure what they're doing there. :-)

I'm guessing this wee one was for water access or something to do with water. It's a tiny one --- the bricks are regular-sized.

Not sure what this one was for, either. But I liked it.

Loved this wee bird, and again, not sure what the access was for.

Oh, THIS one is Lilies of the Valley! It seems to be a special flower in Sapporo, as it is in our yard, too! :-) I wanted to take a broom and sweep the gravel and stuff off this one, however, no broom was handy.

Another teensy one.

This was a mid-sized one.


Close-up of the snowy detail.
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