Day 3: All the photos below are of at the Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens. Went there for another day's exploration. Hopped on a rental bike and rode like the wind through downtown.
:-) The Gardens were the first stop.

This was taken standing at full height under these large leaves. They're so primordial. Loved these plants! "Petasites Japonicus var. Giganteus" (aka Giant Japanese Butterbur). Hah! How's that, Kim?!!!

Same plants, same fuzzy hair!

Don't know what this was, but I liked it. :-)

Same beast as above...

Liked these wee guys, too!

Again, I love how the park is such a lovely green space for downtown.

Hydrangea hedge, and in my fave colour for them, too!

Looking up into the forest canopy. When the leaves change, this would be amazing! HUGE Japanese maples! Some were three feet diameter!

Not sure what sort of tropical water lily this is, but it captivated me. Soooo lovely!

This looked like an escapee-plant. What is this, Kim?! It was jauntily perched up high in the building. Everything else was down low, where people could reach them.

This was lotus was outdoors with a whole mess of other ones in different containers. They're fascinating!

A bit further on in development...

Still more alien looking...

Really. I got carried away and clearly, still can't resist this plant's stages!

...and a lotus bud! Okay, I promise, that's the last lotus. You should see how many I *didn't* put on here.
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