Day 2: Sapporo's Old Government Building and gardens around it

Went looking for the Hokkaido University Botanical Garden, which was closed, so I followed the signs to the "Old Government House." A cool old building in the US-style that was popular in the mid-1800's.

One of the stairwells. I loved the hand-carved posts. Really a lovely old building and lots of interesting artifacts/interpretive things. Just not much in English. My Japanese was/is limited to good morning, good afternoon, thank you, etc. :-)

Bit closer detail of the carving. It felt beautiful and smooth to touch.

Each stair tread had this carving detail on it. I didn't want to take flash photos in the building and had to stretch to get the picture...

We have a teeny one of these at home, that's the size of my camera case that's in the photo. I'd love to have this for Rob & Gai's Natural History Museum, here at the house. :-)

Bike riding was a hoot in Sapporo! This was outside the Old Government House. People did not use the yellow line like on the road, which was I thought it would be. Nope. Kind of like skiing or sailing --- just pick and line of travel and stay with it! People will avoid you.

This is the garden and pond for the Old Gov't Building. Beautifully balanced and so photogenic!

Even though it was a bit rainy, it was so beautiful! I loved that people could just wander over from their office tower or apt. block and go to the park.

The leaves were just barely starting to change colour. It would be spectacular to see full autumn colours of the many varieties of Japanese Maples!

Just a wee bit more colour...

Sheesh! Even the lamp posts were lovely!

Saw this wee creature and it was so delicate and beautiful resting.
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