Day 1: at Narita, then north to Sapporo.

The hair is wild in Japan... Never did run my fingers through it, as that would result in looking like Bobo the Clown's hair, or Sideshow Bob. This was after 12 hours' flight in dry air, but then boom!, high humidity while waiting for the shuttle. And the hotel was very humid. I loved the humidity!

Cool huge granite "table" in the lobby. In the background, an enormous water fixture/pond, with several layers/drops to the waterfalls.

Closer view of the groovy granite flower bowl!

Directly overhead was a large light fixture, giving the illusion of a round edge to the flower "bowl" but it was a reflection from the light.

Going north to Sapporo from Narita, on JAL.

This is the view out our window, looking due west. The tower that's just to the left of center, is in line with the famous ski jump from the 1972 Olympics.

Hmmmm, what an interesting gadget that is on the toilet. Wonder what it does?

ACK!!! A heated toilet seat. Wacky! I could see where this might be popular on a cold winter's day/evening. I tried the bidet and was reduced to squealing laughter! It so surprised me, even though I kinda-sorta knew it was coming, that I jumped off the toilet and water went all over the floor. Hahaha! Couldn't stop laughing! :-)
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Another really cool thing in Japanese hotels --- heated mirrors! Is that sensible or what?!!! I'd love this for our house.
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