The tour starts here... Some things are chronological, some are by "flavour" and some are just totally random. Haha! Love, love, LOVE Japan! People are lovely, food is amazing, scenery and climate is great --- well, in Sapporo and area, it was. :-)

You know the drill: click on the links, below.

Day One: Into Narita... and the mysterious fixtures in the hotel in Sapporo.

Day Two:Sapporo's Old Government Building and my fave gardens.

Day Three:Hokkaido University Gardens. Would be more colourful in springtime, but I really enjoyed the plants, regardless.

Street stuff and parks.

Hokkaido Cultural Village.

Maintenance covers. Just check it out. :-)

Miscellaneous schtuff.

Views out the hotel window --- and the cars!

And below, a greeting from Rob-san, in his new glasses, ...a big konichiwa and sayounara, too!