In chronological order, here are photos from this July at Janice. Where was Johnnie?!
Testing the depth of field function on this and the next shot. Coolio!
Creamsicle orange toes
Wee mermaid
Calling the loons in (the birds, that is. The two-legged loons were sitting behind)
Serious cards!
One tough chick!
Helping the cuzzin'.
What's to say?
Headin' in.
Back again.
The grrrrrrlies!
Poh, in new 'do.
Making salad.
Spyin' on the kids on the lake.
Where's the jeezly pie?!
Jocie got the pie!
Leggo-land with aKim.

Caleb: "That's my sister."

Gai: "That's *my* sister."

Caleb: "No, it's MY sister!"

Gai: "Na-uh! It's MYYY sister!"


The camp-out with aG.
Mmmmm, must be bacon or pan-snakes somewhere up there...
Someone gets The Look.
Pensive stud.
Studly stud.
Artiste and muse.
The Wulst...
...and the Kimmitts.
Soooo cute!
Looking like a lift-off is close.
Brunhilde, queen of the Valkyries.
The fish don't stand a chance...
More trouble for the fish.
CRAZY kidlets!
Uhm, the batteries got frozen.
Communing with the fishies.
Learning from the one n' only!
'Nuff said.
The boyz...
Take two.
Boo-hoo. Don't want you kids to go.
No improvement, here. (This, courtesy of Kimmits)