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Track Day at Mosport, June 2007

Pit row, getting the race face on. Rob's car.

Learning the line. First lap around and on the start/finish straight stretch.

"Racing" gentleman's style: no passing except on the backside of the track on a straight stretch, and only on a hand signal from the driver being passed.

Coming in after 10 laps or more. Time to let another group go out.

Letting the engine cool down; tire pressure's checked and lug nuts tightened. The drivers kibbitz, kick the stories around and try to stay in the shade. Hot temperatures to stand around in, too!

To the right of the photo is corner 8. Rob's approaching corner 9 at a high rate of knots!

Corner 9, tires are chirping... Rob's grinning.

Just finishing corner 9 and about to enter corner 10, then onto the start/finish straight-away and start all over again!

This is the usual/normal colour of the wheels.

And this is after a day's brake dust.

And just for sport, here's a movie of RML in action.